January 20


Kayaking in Antarctica continues to fascinate me. This continent is full of surprises around every corner. Enjoy a few photos from some of my personal high lights that came from this past trip, where I worked as a kayak guide for Aurora Expeditions.

ice crevassse cliffs

98% of Antarctica is covered in ice during their Summer. It flows towards the oceans, breaking into crevasses over steeper terrain, before dropping into the water. Those ice cliffs are hundreds of feet high.

ice for days

Despite Antarctica technically being a desert, in places the ice is 2 miles thick and the water captured within it can be thousands of years old.

ice polar pioneer

Our home, the 254ft Polar Pioneer, safely got us thru the ice to some of most beautiful kayaking locations along the Antarctic Peninsula. Here she is dwarfed by glacier cliffs near by.

jelly by c coshancy

A huge Antarctic Lions Mane jellyfish glides along in the current.

kayak gtech 7 sisters

A team of kayakers from Georgia Tech University paddle below the 7 Sisters, as we circumnavigate Doumer Island.

kayak ice cliffs

Perspective! Photo: Kasper Jaeger

kayak stop and stare

Our kayaks took us to some magical locations. Sometimes you just need to stop and take it all in.

kayak toby story

I got to work with some awesome folks at Aurora Expeditions, including this guy!

mountain reflections 2

When conditions were right, the reflections of the mountains and ice are simply stunning.

mountain reflections

Mountain reflections, near the Lamaire Channel.

pengion chinstrap headshot

Chinstrap penguins are the comedians of the Antarctic.

pengion chinstraps

Penguin highway routes develop overtime as the snow gets compacted down due to heavy use in penguin colonies, saving them effort and calories moving around on the ice.

pengion gentoo albino

Although technically not an albino, this Gentoo penguin has a genetic mutation that makes him stand out from the crowd.

seal leopard

The Leopard seal has a fearsome reputation as one of the top preditors in Antarctica, and are often seen near penguin colonies. Photo: Kasper Jaeger.

seal weddell happy

A Weddell seal, stretches and snoozes the day away.

seal weddell snooze

Seals seem to spend the majority of their time sleeping.

whale humpback tail

We saw hundreds of Humpback whales over the course of our trip, some so close we needed to back up to avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

whale orca 1

Orca’s are quite allusive in the wild so getting to witness a group of 25-30 of them from close by was a rare treat. Photo: Kasper Jaeger