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August 06

Race Recap: Gorge Downwind Champs

The Gorge Downwind Championships has been an annual pilgrimage from its inception. It’s predecessor, the Wildside Relay, first introduced me to this downwind paradise, and I have enjoyed screaming upstream on the Columbia River in the shadow of snow capped volcanoes ever since. For 2017, the Gorge Downwind Championships would be my first “A” race […]

January 05

Antarctic Peninsula – Update #3

My Antarctic adventure has come to an end and what as adventure it’s been. Since returning to sea to cross the Drake Passage and return to the Antarctic Peninsula, the weather has been unbelievably nice. The wind has died and the sun has been high in the sky rapidly accelerating the growth of the sea […]

December 17

Antarctic Peninsula – Update #2

Since my last update, we departed Puerto Williams, Chile and headed down the Beagle Channel and out across the Drake Passage to return to the Antarctic Peninsula. Things are warming up as the short summer takes effect. Penguins are raising their young chicks; the wiener Elephant Seals are growing fast and whales are becoming a […]

December 06

South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula

After 2 weeks of exploring South Georgia and the Antarctic peninsula, we crossed the Drake Passage, made a pit stop at Cape Horn where the Pacific and Atlantic oceans meet, and then headed into Puerto Williams to resupply and change a few guides and guests. The past few weeks have been nothing short of incredible […]

November 18

Beginning the Antarctic Adventure

In 1982, Argentina invaded a tiny, inhospitable island in the South Atlantic I’d never heard of. Soon there after, the British Task Force was dispatched to sail south and deal with the situation and as an impressionable teenager growing up in the UK, I spent the next 74 days glued to the TV as our […]

January 21

Challenged on the Chattooga

The water was high. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d paddled Section IV at this level, if ever. Texts and calls to friends on the drive south confirmed line choices. Concerns now put aside, it was time to get together with some of the faster whitewater paddlers around to test ourselves against the iconic […]

January 12

Upper Chattooga / Section 00

The upper Chattooga had been illegal to paddle since 1976 but a landmark agreement negotiated by American Whitewater finally opened things up in 2013 by granting whitewater paddlers access December thru April when flows exceeded 350cfs. These severe restrictions imposed by the US Forest Service are the only ones of their kind in the entire […]

January 08

Ideas to Spice things up in 2016

Happy 2016! As we start the New Year with resolutions to eat less junk food or run three times a week, we can also focus on different resolutions that will help improve our kayaking. Goals aren’t just for life maintenance or careers, but can also help us become better kayakers or find new passions. By […]

December 14


Click on that “HD” button to capture all the action in vivid detail.

December 01

Ecuador Whitewater Adventures

After just one week exploring the whitewater rivers of Ecuador, I have come to the realization that I have barely scratched the surface of this incredible whitewater paradise, making a return trip inevitable.