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June 16

Back to the Chattahoochee

The “Back to the Chattahoochee” is an incredibly well executed race and festival organized and presented by Chattahoochee Riverkeeper (CRK) in partnership with the National Park Service and the city of Roswell. The event is organized to celebrate the Chattahoochee and foster a sense of community around the river that serves 3.5 million Georgians and […]

June 08

Paddle Bender – hotter than ever

This article was originally posted on Mims and Dismukes Tops at Paddle Bender Temperatures were up at Dreher Island State Park’s Paddle Bender race this past weekend and with eighty paddlers and forty surfskis on the line, the competition promised to be fierce. The long course followed two four-mile trips circumnavigating around an island […]

May 15

Road to recovery – Paddle Battle

Injuries suck! But bouncing back feels great! I’d mixed my winter plans up this year to include more wildwater racing and add a real focus on general conditioning by adding Crossfit. The winter plan appeared to be working well with a strong set of results in the Winter Wildwater Series and significant strength improvements. But […]

March 28

Winter Downriver Racing Series

As the Winter comes to a close, so does the Winter series of whitewater races across the southeast. Each of the events wouldn’t be possible without the dedication and support of the host organizations that invest countless hours in the pursuit of delivering these massively successful events. They are a tribute to the health of […]

March 06


Over the last few months I’ve been out and about sharing my love of paddling long whitewater kayaks like my Dagger Greenboat. It’s been super fun working with so many folks ranging from those that have never paddled a long boat thru to those looking to improve their race times. Certain areas of attention keep […]

January 21

Challenged on the Chattooga

The water was high. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d paddled Section IV at this level, if ever. Texts and calls to friends on the drive south confirmed line choices. Concerns now put aside, it was time to get together with some of the faster whitewater paddlers around to test ourselves against the iconic […]

January 08

Ideas to Spice things up in 2016

Happy 2016! As we start the New Year with resolutions to eat less junk food or run three times a week, we can also focus on different resolutions that will help improve our kayaking. Goals aren’t just for life maintenance or careers, but can also help us become better kayakers or find new passions. By […]

December 07

VIDEO: Wildwater Team Trials

Located in the shadow of Three Mile Island, (the location of the worst accident in U.S. nuclear power plant history), lies some good whitewater on the Susquehanna River and our chosen venue for the 2016 USA Wildwater Team Trials. The race brought out many talented racers since retired from international sport, but still blazingly fast, […]

November 16


Hop on board my race run at the 2015 Ardeche Marathon. Such an incredible event but you have to work really hard to avoid the chaos of the hundreds and hundreds of other participants. Enjoy.

November 12

Le Marathon des Gorges de l’Ardeche

There’s only a small number of paddlesports events that are truly revered. Once such event is the “Marathon International des Gorges de l’Ardeche” in southeast  France. When I first read stories of this event decades ago I promised myself I would one day attend. That decision was reinforced time and time again by stories, video […]