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April 05

PODCAST: The Eddyline with Matt Wallin

A great little catch up with Matt Wallin at the Eddyline Podcast talking about the brand new Pyranha Ripper 2 and how it’s evolved from the original Ripper.

December 13

PODCAST: The Shuttle Drive

May 16

Review | Whoop 3.0 Technology

Wearable health & fitness trackers are everywhere these days and the business is booming with options from Apple, Garmin, Polar and a plethora of others. But most devices track and focus on the fitness or basic health components of our daily lives. So when I found Whoop 3.0 and its focus on the recovery side […]

May 14

P&H General Maintenance

A little preventative general maintenance on your P&H composite sea kayak will guarantee years and years of problem free paddling. Learn the basics here, as we walk thru some simple tips on making sure you get the best out of your kayak. The kayak used in this example is a P&H Aries 155 in the […]

March 30


I’ve been waiting on the second generation Epic Kayaks V12 for a long time. As an early adopter of the V14, I’ve loved the speed, clean lines and comfort of this speed demon, but as an inland paddler, I struggled with the stability on rough days out in the ocean. Basically, I would cross that […]

January 12


For my recent adventure to Antarctica, I needed to find a paddle I could both travel with and trust in this harsh environment. I needed a 4 piece paddle I could use every day to cover hundreds of kilometers; that suited my aggressive racing stroke (i.e., high angle and powerful blades); and one that would […]

September 09


With manufacturers turning their attention to introducing polyethylene surfskis and lowering the financial entry barrier for the sport, this is an exciting time for the growth and popularity of surfski. Doing so will open the door to surfski performance for paddlers everywhere, leading to, what I suspect may be a rapid increase in those using […]

May 27

Motionize – Paddling Technology

Exercise data collection is everywhere these days. Your phone is counting footsteps, your Fitbit your calories burned and for the enthusiasts or athletes among us, you may have a GPS enabled Heart Rate monitor. On a bike you can go even further by measuring power, cadence and efficiency in addition to a multitude of additional […]

February 11


After a 12 year run, the tried and trusted Dagger Nomad has finally been replaced by the new Nomad (aka Newmad). During those 12 years, what we paddle and how paddle has evolved, so it’s only fitting that this benchmark creek legend finally get to evolve too. Production versions of the large Nomad started rolling […]

October 19

REVIEW : Pyranha 9RL and 9R

Pyranha’s 9R has received much buzz and acclaim since its debut but the one available size limited its reach to those of us outside of “average.” Pyranha responded with the announcement of a “9R Large” and after months and months of waiting they have finally arrived State side. So it was with some excitement that […]